Buy Hoverboards which day to Christmas shop

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Buy Hoverboards which day to Christmas shop

Buy Hoverboards gift purchasing: Is it Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

During the holiday you always wonder what the better day to shop for the best hoverboard this year.  Whether you are shopping for new or old models of hoverboards for sale, the big question is which day do you buy. The best hoverboard deals, are they found on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If the deal is better on Friday but you decide to wait for the following Monday, you cant turn back time. This article will describe the best time to buy your amazing new hoverboard scooter.

Popular 2015 Christmas Gifts - 2 Wheel HoverBoards

Posted by on 9/21/2015
Popular 2015 Christmas Gifts - 2 Wheel HoverBoards

You've seen videos of celebrities and YouTube sensations riding their new hover boards, and now they've started popping up everywhere. We know what you're thinking you want one. You're not alone. A 2-Wheel Hover Board is an awesome gift for anyone who loves new technology and devices, and it's sure to be the "it" gadget to get this holiday season.

It's the tech-savvy enthusiasts new must have. They already have the latest smartphone, tablet, iWatch and more, now it's time for a new personal gadget that will take them where they wan to go. For the college student, it's a great new way to get around campus. It charges fast, it's easy to ride and you can carry it with you when you get to your destination. It will be your teen or childs new favorite toy that get's them up and active. For adults, a 2-Wheel Hover Board is a great way to get around the city, commute to work or run errands around the neighborhood. It's a skateboard, Segway and pure awesomeness all rolled into one.

Become the greatest parent, significant other, aunt, uncle or friend and give a 2-Wheel Hover Board as the best birthday or holiday gift ever.

Really Fun Ride

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Really Fun Ride

This board is really fun to ride, so ride it everywhere. You've seen celebrities shooting hoops, riding around the rooms of their houses, and people dancing on them. The reason that these boards are going viral, is because they are so much fun to ride. They're easy to use, and you can master riding your board in just a few hours.

Travel around the city, make it a part of your commute to work, or ride around campus on your 2-Wheel Hover Board. Our hover boards get up to around 12 miles per hour and up to 20 miles on one charge. With your board you can go faster and further than by walking and running, and it's more convenient than a bike. Keep your hands free while riding, and when you reach your location there's no need to lock it up, just take it with you.

Just charge them in your dorm room, home or at work for an hour and you are ready to ride. Glide down the sidewalk, take sharp turns, start and stop with the simple shift of your body. It's the best way to get where you need to be. Get across campus, the city or even your office building on the hottest new personal accessory. In the next few months you will see these everywhere, because they are fast, fun and easy to use.

Start riding today, visit and pick out your 2-Wheel Hover Board.

Shoot Awesome Videos with a 2-Wheel HoverBoard

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Shoot Awesome Videos with a 2-Wheel HoverBoard

Whether you are a video enthusiast, armature or pro moviemaker, get amazing video shots on your 2-Wheel Hover Board. New compact technologies are allowing for new ways of getting camera shots without having to buy costly and bulky equipment. Similar to how many videographers are now using drones to get incredible areal shots, your hover board is about to become the favorite part of your video gear.

On your 2-Wheel Hover Board you can get smooth shots, on foot, while having total control over your camera for long periods of time. They charge fast, and in just 60 minutes you can have up to 20 miles of use. Unlike the short battery life of drones, your board can film for hours without needing to be recharged.

Easily add depth and movement to your films at a professional level. Shoot moving shots with people walking, running, riding bikes, fight sequences and more. Use handheld cameras or cameras with a stabilizer devise to get moving shots without the jostling you get when walking. Simulate the movement of looking out of or along side a moving car by shooting on your board and speeding up the film. You can even get distant panoramic shots and awesome b-roll to add into your film. Your 2-Wheel Hover Board is your own do-it-yourself dolly track that's small enough to take anywhere to get those close and hard to get shots.

Your awesome ride just got even cooler. In just a few hours after taking it out of the box, you can master your board and start taking awesome videos. Visit to pick out your board today.

How To Ride Your 2-Wheel Hover Board

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It's quick and easy to learn to ride your 2-Wheel Hover Board and in 15 minutes you'll be riding like a pro. Fully charging your board only takes about 60 minutes then, just press the power button to turn it on.

Step onto your board

Place one foot on each side of the board and just stand upright. For a little extra balance, bend your knees a little or push your feet outwards against the inside of the wheels.

Move forward

To move forward, just shift your weight to lean forward slightly and push down with the front of your feet. The more you push forward the faster you will go, up to 12 miles per hour. Start off slow until you are comfortable with balancing at the speed you are going.

Moving backwards and stopping

To slow down and stop, just bring your body and feet back to a neutral position. Lean slightly backward and shift your weight to push down with your heels. This will slow you down and stop if you are moving forward, or move you backwards if you are already standing still.


Turning on your 2-Wheel Hover Board is as easy as thinking about it. To turn left, press down slightly with the front of your right foot. To turn right, do the same with your left foot.

Now you are all ready to ride your 2-Wheel Hover Board.

How it Works

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How it Works

Your 2-Wheeled Hover Board is faster than running, easy to use and extremely durable. Plus, it's just awesome to ride. You've seen videos of celebrities riding them and people gliding down the street. So how do these radical self-balanced vehicles work?


Your 2-Wheeled Hover Board is built with a self-balancing gyro that is active once you turn it on. It senses the moment you step onto the board. You control every movement by putting pressure on the pads on either side of the board. Moving forward, backward, left, right and stopping are all controlled by you slightly shifting your weight.

Going the distance

It takes only 60 minutes to give your board a full charge. Your board can get up to 12 miles per hour and go for up to 20 miles on just one charge. It's 36V LG lithium battery is built to last. When your battery gets lower than 10% the indicator light will come on, and start to slow down, letting you know it's time to recharge your board.


Your board is built to last. It's case is extremely durable and built keep your board running, with a rider up to 265 pounds. It can handle bumps, sharp turns, and going up and down hills. The tires are strong rubber and not inflatable, so they will never go flat.

Eco friendly

Your 2-Wheeled Hover Board is completely electric. No gas is needed and no harmful emissions. Just charge your board and you are ready to go. Plus the motors are silent, so you there's no noise or humming when you ride.

Your board is built to last and keep you riding for a long time on just one charge. Get riding today at