Shoot Awesome Videos with a 2-Wheel HoverBoard


Whether you are a video enthusiast, armature or pro moviemaker, get amazing video shots on your 2-Wheel Hover Board. New compact technologies are allowing for new ways of getting camera shots without having to buy costly and bulky equipment. Similar to how many videographers are now using drones to get incredible areal shots, your hover board is about to become the favorite part of your video gear.

On your 2-Wheel Hover Board you can get smooth shots, on foot, while having total control over your camera for long periods of time. They charge fast, and in just 60 minutes you can have up to 20 miles of use. Unlike the short battery life of drones, your board can film for hours without needing to be recharged.

Easily add depth and movement to your films at a professional level. Shoot moving shots with people walking, running, riding bikes, fight sequences and more. Use handheld cameras or cameras with a stabilizer devise to get moving shots without the jostling you get when walking. Simulate the movement of looking out of or along side a moving car by shooting on your board and speeding up the film. You can even get distant panoramic shots and awesome b-roll to add into your film. Your 2-Wheel Hover Board is your own do-it-yourself dolly track that's small enough to take anywhere to get those close and hard to get shots.

Your awesome ride just got even cooler. In just a few hours after taking it out of the box, you can master your board and start taking awesome videos. Visit to pick out your board today.