How it Works


Your 2-Wheeled Hover Board is faster than running, easy to use and extremely durable. Plus, it's just awesome to ride. You've seen videos of celebrities riding them and people gliding down the street. So how do these radical self-balanced vehicles work?


Your 2-Wheeled Hover Board is built with a self-balancing gyro that is active once you turn it on. It senses the moment you step onto the board. You control every movement by putting pressure on the pads on either side of the board. Moving forward, backward, left, right and stopping are all controlled by you slightly shifting your weight.

Going the distance

It takes only 60 minutes to give your board a full charge. Your board can get up to 12 miles per hour and go for up to 20 miles on just one charge. It's 36V LG lithium battery is built to last. When your battery gets lower than 10% the indicator light will come on, and start to slow down, letting you know it's time to recharge your board.


Your board is built to last. It's case is extremely durable and built keep your board running, with a rider up to 265 pounds. It can handle bumps, sharp turns, and going up and down hills. The tires are strong rubber and not inflatable, so they will never go flat.

Eco friendly

Your 2-Wheeled Hover Board is completely electric. No gas is needed and no harmful emissions. Just charge your board and you are ready to go. Plus the motors are silent, so you there's no noise or humming when you ride.

Your board is built to last and keep you riding for a long time on just one charge. Get riding today at