How To Ride Your 2-Wheel Hover Board

How To Ride Your 2-Wheel Hover Board

It's quick and easy to learn to ride your 2-Wheel Hover Board and in 15 minutes you'll be riding like a pro. Fully charging your board only takes about 60 minutes then, just press the power button to turn it on.

Step onto your board

Place one foot on each side of the board and just stand upright. For a little extra balance, bend your knees a little or push your feet outwards against the inside of the wheels.

Move forward

To move forward, just shift your weight to lean forward slightly and push down with the front of your feet. The more you push forward the faster you will go, up to 12 miles per hour. Start off slow until you are comfortable with balancing at the speed you are going.

Moving backwards and stopping

To slow down and stop, just bring your body and feet back to a neutral position. Lean slightly backward and shift your weight to push down with your heels. This will slow you down and stop if you are moving forward, or move you backwards if you are already standing still.


Turning on your 2-Wheel Hover Board is as easy as thinking about it. To turn left, press down slightly with the front of your right foot. To turn right, do the same with your left foot.

Now you are all ready to ride your 2-Wheel Hover Board.