Hovering in the Workplace

Make work enjoyable again while increasing productivity. When your employees are on their feet all day walking around a large space, it has an impact on their energy level slowing their work output throughout the day. Giving them an easy way to get around your warehouse, building or campus will allow them to do their job more effectively. A 2-Wheel Hover Board offers a hands-free, faster alternative to walking long distances around the workplace. Whether it's moving through a warehouse, airport, selecting items in a fulfillment center, restocking shelves or helping customers in a home improvement or garden center, their 2-Wheel Hover Board will ease getting around allowing them to carry small to mid-size items.
2-Wheel Hover Boards can go up to 12 miles per hour, and are light and small enough to carry when not riding. Event staff and security officers can move quickly through areas, while having a boost in height to be able to see further and over crowds. If there's an urgent need emergency staff can reach the area faster. Give your car rental employees and valet attendants a way to get to and from your customers' cars quickly. It's quick and easy to learn how to ride, plus it adds an element of fun in having to travel around during the workday that your employees will thank you for.
Give your employees the tools that will decrease their stress and boost their productivity. Learn more about our 2-Wheeled Hover Boards and how easily they can be integrated into your business environment. www.hovershop.com