Hoverboard through any College Campus

Hoverboard through any College Campus

Class on the other side of campus, no problem. With a 2-Wheel Hover Board you can get there faster than ever. Up to 12 miles an hour fast. That's 3 times as fast as walking or equal to an average humans running speed. Getting you to that early morning class even if you don't get up on time. With a slight shift of your feet you can change your speed. Keep up with bikes and skateboards and slow down to talk with friends as they walk. While riding you can easily carry your bag, listen to music and carry your class project with you.

You've seen them around your college campus. The real reason these electronic scooters are becoming popular is getting there without the hassle; they're easier and a better ride than a skateboard or bike. There's no need to lock it up and hope both of your tires will be there when you get back. Just take it anywhere with you. Travel easily from class to class, to a friend's dorm room or off campus.

It's so small it doesn't take up space in your dorm room or off-campus apartment. it's battery lasts up to 20 miles before you need to charge it again. Plug it in for 60 minutes, and you are all set with a full charge. Bring the cord with you and charge it up in the back corner of your lecture class. Your only challenge will be keeping your roommate from borrowing it all the time.

Start hovering today. The toughest decision you'll make all semester is what color will you choose. Visit http://www.hovershop.com to get your board.