Hoverboard Battery Safety

Hoverboard Battery Safety

Hoverboard Battery Safety Test Completed

Hovershop.com has completed an extensive battery test for all our Samsung and LG batteries, they all received a PASS on all safety standards, our batteries meet all U.N safety standards for USE and SHIPPING!  Buy from a reputable company and don't risk your safety or that of your friends, family.  Shop Now

IMPORTANT - MUST READ Below is an LG Battery Pack!  Wait, we know that it does NOT say LG on the packaging! These are custom made battery packs built for Hoverboards! There are many US and Chinese vendors who build custom battery packs for use in products.  The proper way is to make sure you use quality cells in the pack and that they have the proper safety circuitry to prevent Overcharging!  Our Boards all come with LG or Samsung battery cells and have the proper overcharging mechanisms that will help you sleep at night! 

However, We ask that you follow these safety rules while charging any device in the household.
1. DO NOT Leave unattended while charging.
2. DO NOT Leave charging overnight
3. DO NOT take a part your scooter and perform your own diagnostics and evaluation of the battery! This could actually be dangerous and costly! Hovershop batteries price 105.00$ just in case you decide to cut-open.

Sample Battery Pack Here

Sample Battery Cell - (the actual LG battery cell that is used for building the battery pack) there are many different models..

LG Product Specs found online - http://www.sot.com.tw/images/09.pdf

Hoverboard Battery Safety Test