Hover Shop Repair Center


Your HoverShop Repair Center can repair your Hoverboard regardless of where you purchased the hoverboard.  We repair all Hoverboards!  

We provide repair parts for multiple types and brands of major Hoverboard manufactures. If you’re looking for repairs for your Hoverboard, our techs are ready to help.  We also stock Hoverboards, 6inch, 8inch and 10inch models at great value!  Visit our store here

Hoverboard Reset Procedure - Try this before submitting a repair/warranty ticket.

How to calibrate your Hovershop Self-Balancing Scooter:
1. Before start to calibrate the self-balancing scooter, please make sure you will follow the steps carefully.
2. Make sure the balance scooter is powered off.
3. Place the scooter on a flat and smooth surface.
4. Ensuring both pedals are flat and parallel to the ground (this is very important).
5. Press and hold the power button until the red indicator start to flash.
6. After the red indicator shut off, turn off the scooter
7. Restart the scooter, then you can ride it.
8. If the scooter does not reset, please try the above steps again 10 minutes later.

Parts Available here


Flat Rate Charge for all Hover boards - No matter what is wrong with the board, if unable to repair no charge. Just pay for shipping!

Single Flat Rate on 6.5 inch Hoverboards - 135.00

Flat Rate Bluetooth Hoverboards with LED - 165.00

10inch Hoverboard with LED/Bluetooth - 165.00

Shipping Cost additional - 40.00 Fed Ex Ground

*Only covers internal parts, battery, logic boards, DOES NOT cover shells, or motors.

In order to ship in your board for warranty repair or repair services, you must generate a TicketID, to do this, please follow the steps below.  Important - The TicketID must be present inside the box in order to avoid any delays with shipping or locating the owner of the board. 

How to submit a Repair or Warranty Ticket.

1. Visit http://hovershop.kayako.com

2. Click on Submit a Ticket

3. Select a Department (most will be Repair or Warranty - Note warranty repair is only for customers, who purchased from HoverShop, all others requiring repair services will choose Repair department.

4. After choosing a department, please fill out your information, First and Last Name, Email and Priority of the ticket.

    In the Subject please use Repair Services, and below provide your shipping address and contact number, and    a brief description of the issue, please make sure to include all information, i.e "it fell into a pool and was damaged not powering up" this will help our techs.

5. Once you have filled out the necessary info, you can also attach videos and pictures to the ticket, this will be extremely helpful to our repair techs.  You can upload files by clicking the "attach files"

6. Once all information has been filled out and files attached, you are ready to submit and obtain your TicketID.

Final Steps Very Important - Please make sure to print TicketID confirmation and place inside the shipping box, also, include outside the box for easy reference.

That's IT, please take the package to your local FedEx, USPS, UPS store to ship hoverboard.

Try FedEx here it seems to be cheaper - https://www.fedex.com/us/lite/

Note - some outlets require you schedule a package for pick up, UPS, USPS, FedEx have local GROUND pick up to your door.  Please make sure you ship in orignal box, if you do not have the original box, we recommend you purchase bubble wrap and completely wrap the board and place in the box, leaving no room for it to move around inside while in transit. 

Create Shipping Label from home is very easy!

1. FedEx One Time Label Generator - https://www.fedex.com/lite/lite-ship.html?locale=en_us#address

    Once you have generated and printer label, please schedule a GROUND pick up, FedEx will pick up for FREE 

    Call 800-463-3339

2. UPS One Time Label Generator - https://www.ups.com/uis/create?loc=en_US&WT.svl=PNRO_L1

    UPS GROUND Pick Up - 800-742-5877

3. USPS One Time Label Generator - https://reg.usps.com/entreg/RegistrationAction_input

Note - We do not need your charger or bluetooth remote, please only send scooter, we are not responsible for missing items.

Thank you - HoverShop Repair Center